Rowdy baby brown eggs

Eggs are a good source of several minerals that can be hard to get in other foods, such as iodine and selenium. "Eggs are also one of the few foods that are naturally a good source of vitamin D., which helps build strong bones with the help of calcium, But added, eating only egg whites doesn't give you all the good stuff. "Nutrients found exclusively in the yolk include choline, vitamin B12, vitamin D and iron among others," he said. Many nutritionists believe that, for healthy people, eggs' excellent nutrition profile mitigates its cholesterol content.

Our eggs contain over 25% more Choline, an essential nutrient for pregnant women, than an average egg. Eggs naturally contain vitamin D. The Country Hen eggs contain over three times the vitamin D of an average egg.

In Country Eggs An average-sized egg contains about 6-7 grams of protein A Country Hen egg has six times the Omega-3s of a regular egg.

It is Higher in taste than white eggs.

The Country Eggs contain one of the highest quality proteins of all foods - second only to mother's milk.


PROTIEN 06 grams
Fat 05 grams
Calories 70 Cal
Cholesterol 185 mg
Vitamins: A, D, Potassium and OMEGA-3 FATTY ACID

*Approximate Value